KHS offers education from Pre-school to secondary school. The pre-school has three classes – Baby, Middle and Reception class during which reading is emphasized. Primary has the Lower and Upper primary while secondary has the junior and high schools.



The school has integration of Faith and Learning where learners understand the role played by the Bible and religion in all creation. While the Examinations Council of Zambia curriculum is followed, it is enhanced with the Griggs international curriculum which is used by all SDA church learning institutions globally. This curriculum helps learners to be thinkers and not imitate their teachers.

King’s Highway SDA School boasts of the reading program in the Pre-school and Primary sections where all learners MUST read as they progress. The reading scheme has the learners reading a specific number of readers in their reading age before they can go to another age.



The school strives to provide a safe learning environment for both staff and learners. Though there’s no fence at the moment, learners have boundaries in which they are allowed to be.

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