King's Highway SDA School desires to create a climate where students and faculty alike are enriched and motivated. While the school year includes a variety of activities, the time spent on campus during the regular school day is primarily focused on academic growth, in spiritual, mental, social and physical aspects.


  The School nutures students to be capable and responsible citizens who love God supremely and live a balanced spiritual, mental, physical, and social life which allows them to serve God and humanity with passion and excellence. Our school exists to provide a Christ-centered environement where students and staff are challenged to:

  • love and serve their Creator Redeemer
  • value themselves and others
  • respect diversity
  • think critically
  • take responsability for their choices


1. New entrants are tested to check on their performance  level.The tests are used as a tool for placement in the appropriate grade to avoid gaps in the learners  performance.



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