King’s Highway SDA School is a product of the Lusaka Central Seventh Day Adventist Church members’ initiative to have their children learn in a Christian School to give them quality and value in their learning.

The institution is tailored to help develop good citizens for not only today but also tomorrow’s as well.

 King’s Highway has been delivering quality education since 1986 and is now one of the well known schools in Lusaka.

 The curriculum has strong links with the current educational needs of a modern learner and is designed as a wholesome program  to cover all areas of a human faculty aimed at producing a total being by the time the learner finishes their secondary education.


The school runs from Pre-school (baby class, Middle class and Reception class) through primary to secondary education. The school is day situated about eleven kilometers on the Eastern side of Lusaka town off Leopards Hill road behind Pilatus.

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