The fundamental existance of KHS is the aiding of learners in their spiritual growth. While we believe that this cannot be achieved by rules, learners are guided as they make desicions.

They are however, taught to have positive attitude of respect for their friends' decisions and religious affiliations.

Thus the school ensures;

  • The teacher-learner ratios are manageable for more interaction.
  • Learners that pass through our school are happy, self confident and hardworking to thrive spiritually, intellectually, socially and vocationally.
  • All our teachers are certified and have specialized training to meet the needs of our fast - changing society.
  • Teachers have high values and serve as role models. We re-enforce high standards of living as given to learners at home and at church.
  • Create a happy, safe and secure environment that will nurture all learners and assist them in reaching their potential in a wide range of areas.
  • Provide support for learners dealing with personal issues that affect them as they get to adolescent developments.
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